12 Secrets to Getting Your Pantry Organized

pantry tips

No matter what the size of your pantry, it is a snap to organize using these 12 tips. Keeping an organized pantry will inspire you to keep on cooking. (You can do it!)

1. Group your pantry by types of food.

2. Labels should face out.

3. Use glass jars so you can see everything you have and what needs replenished.

4. Clean it out regularly.

5. Put items you don’t use regularly at the very top of your pantry.

6. Use a lazy susan to get the most out of your space.

7. Keep a healthy snack zone for kids on their level.

8. Place heavy items on the bottom.

9. Stash a step-stool nearby for easy reaching.

10. A pantry can hold more than food- use it for wine glasses or other entertaining essentials you might not use everyday.

11. Store delicate glassware high up to prevent breakage. Store shorter glassware in front and taller in behind.

12. Gather cleaning supplies (if stored in pantry) in bins, buckets or baskets. Use hooks and pegs on the pantry door for mops, brooms and aprons.

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