Cookbook Review: Eat Well Feel Well

I love the idea of having shelves lined with cookbooks, but the clutter-phobe in me just can’t handle so much real estate being taken up by something I’m not using every single day.

The point is…. I’m a bit picky about cookbooks. Like, super-duper nit-picky. I usually won’t buy a cookbook until I’ve borrowed it from the library multiple times and it’s proven worthy of a space in the kitchen.

That…. and sometimes I’m a bit sheepish when I find water rings and blueberry stains in the library book that I’m quite certain are from the last time I borrowed it.  And I tend to collect library fines the way other people collect postage stamps.

So, eventually I put on my big girl panties and go and order the worthy cookbook from Amazon.   

I want to share the handful of cookbooks that have made the grade. Let’s start by discussing the little gem of a cookbook Eat Well, Feel Well (affiliate link) authored by Kendall Conrad.

I discovered this fantasticEat Well Feel Well book when I was following the SCD diet a few years back. (Read more about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet here). I instantly fell in love with Kendall’s can-do attitude and informative way of writing. I read this cookbook from cover-to-cover and felt renewed confidence in my ability to keep the great, healthy meals rolling on.

All the recipes in this cookbook are SCD compliant. That translates to recipes free of gluten, grains, milk, processed sugars, or additives. All of the recipes are based on creating healthy meals with whole foods.

Why does this cookbook impress me so much?

1. I love the author’s story. She was desperate to find a solution to her little girl’s illness. Her journey resulted in completely changing their diet and this book is a result of all her efforts.
2. The recipes are flavorful and interesting but not intimidating. I’ve never had a single disappointment.
3. The ingredients used are all things I already have in my kitchen.
4. The photos challenge me to improve my food presentation- really inspiring ideas.
5.  I love the author’s tone and explanations. Her explanations were super clear and she was really generous in sharing all the little tips and tricks.

Favorite recipes from Eat Well, Feel Well:

1. Carrot-ginger paste (It’s good on everything. Seriously.)
2. Lemon-parsley-ginger dressing.
3. Coconut cake (Lives up to its description of a “festive and delectable layer cake”)
4. Lemon coconut macaroons.
5. Pecan waffle with sauteed bananas and cinnamon honey. (Just made these yesterday!)

Sooo… what do you think of my first cookbook review? Let me know- there will be more coming your way. There a few more cookbooks on my shelf that I really want to share with you.


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