10 Smoothie Secrets You Need to Know

How to make great smoothies at home

1. Start with quality fruit. Bad fruit won’t improve with blending.

2. Stock your freezer with frozen fruit. Berries, mangos, peaches, and pineapple are smoothie staples. 

3. Use a combination of frozen ingredients and room temperature ingredients in each smoothie to create a refreshingly cool (but not ice cold!) smoothie.

4. Experiment with adding fresh herbs– mint or parsley are great ones to start with.  Dried herbs do not (I repeat- DO NOT) work well in smoothies.

5. Err on the side of caution with pungent spices like cayenne or ginger. Start with 1/2 the amount you think would work. Blend and taste. Add more if you like.

6. Bananas are a fool-proof way to start a smoothie. They add creaminess and a slight sweetness and play nicely with many flavor combinations.

7. Coconut milk is another great smoothie base. Smooth and subtle, it adds an extra dimension to your flavor profile without overwhelming other flavors.

8. Try not to overfill your blender! It’s no fun to wash berry smoothie off the ceiling (been there). Most blender jars will have a “max fill” line.

9. Make green smoothies faster by pre-washing and pre-chopping your greens. I store washed, chopped kale leaves in small freezer bags so I can make a kale smoothie on the run.

10. Invest in the best blender you can afford. The cheaper ones can turn out decent fruit smoothies but will definitely struggle with green smoothies that require breaking down fibrous veggies like kale or collard greens. If you cannot afford a Vita-mix or Blendtech (drool!), try out the Ninja blender (affiliate link). It breaks down greens quite effectively and costs a fraction of a professional blender.

Some smoothies to try:

Green Smoothie (Great for breakfast on-the-run!)
Banana, Raspberry & Coconut Smoothie (Creamy, sweet & berry-licious.)
Pumpkin Smoothie (Tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass!)

Are you a smoothie addict too? I’d love to hear what your smoothie secrets are!


2 thoughts on “10 Smoothie Secrets You Need to Know

  1. Rebecca says:

    Avocado tastes great in smoothies too! Makes smoothe and creamie and smoothies are a great way to sneak in hemp hearts, chia or flax! Great post!


  2. Lauren says:

    Great thought! Yes, avocados are an awesome idea- they are quite bland so they don’t alter the taste too much either. I’m planning on experimenting with some “supercharged” smoothies with chia, flax, etc.- glad to now you think it’s a good idea too. Thanks for sharing!


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