How to Save Time on Groceries

pantry tips (3)

1. Shop weekday mornings when the stores are less crowded and the lines are shorter.

2. If you must shop on the weekends, do it first thing in the morning just as the stores open so the crowd hasn’t grown too big.

3. Check the weekly specials before you leave so you don’t have to read them at the store.

4. Make a comprehensive list ahead of time, organized by store and even by store dept.

5. Keep your grocery list on your phone or in your day planner. A lost list is a time waster.

6. Shop at the same stores each week so you know the layout.

My preferred grocery shopping schedule:
-Take 20 to 30 mins on Sunday evening to plan out the week’s meals.
-Do a big grocery run Monday morning. Usually this consists of my favourite local produce store, the health food store, and Costco.
-Pick up some fresh salad ingredients and fruit on Thursday afternoon or evening to see me through the weekend.

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