Why Everyone Needs a Pantry

1A pantry is a just reserve of foodstuffs (like canned tomatoes and lentils) and household items (like toilet paper). Because, in a pinch, those lentils and toiler paper will be invaluable. (Umm…not together, people. There is NO recipe for that!)

There are 3 great reasons to have a good pantry: 

1. Household convenience.

  • Save time, money, and stress by avoiding last-minute trips to the supermarket
  • Have ingredients at your fingertips for unexpected meals or guests (“Well, of course we’re thrilled you dropped in without notice at dinnertime…”)

2. Protection against unexpected events.

  • Have food on hand in case of weather emergencies or unexpected closures. We’ve all seen the photos of grocery stores stripped bare as communities brace for a hurricane, etc. By the time you need to stock up, it’s often too late!
  • Be ready for illnesses by having foodstuffs on hand so you don’t have to go the store with a fever. Or a bucket. Just saying.
  • Be prepared for a job loss or other financial blow

3. Save money by stocking up on sale items

  • Purchase items in bulk at wholesale clubs for discounted prices (This can be taken to an extreme though. Grabbing an extra large bag of quinoa is great. But please don’t take my advice as license to go and buy 30 cases of mustard. Just no.)
  • Buy multiples of items on sale to avoid paying full-price in the future. This is especially good for pricy items like meat. Also things like canned salmon, tuna, and tomatoes.

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